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UX & UI Designer

Hi, I’m Josh.

I’m a Grand Rapids based designer with a passion for digging deep, defining problems, identifying potential, and creating seamless solutions.

Empathy is my foundation.

Complex problems drive me to create people centered and intuitive solutions, regardless of the medium. There are no bad users, just sub-optimal design.

What I do

UX Design

From the start of a project, to delivery and ongoing support, advocating for usersĀ from an empathic standpoint.

UI Design

Unified systems of components that effortlessly allow natural user navigation and exploration. Don’t make them think.

Graphic Design

Medium agnostic messages that delight and preform with one voice. Branding, print, digital, photography, and web.


I help clients communicate.

Let’s build something together.

Give me a holla, shout, aloha, howdy, or hola. or the form below work fabulously.

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