West Michigan Graphic Design Archives

Digital Resource Development Plan

Year Completed



Information Architecture, UI/UX, User Research


Barbara Loveland & Linda Powell


Create a digital archive of West Michigan based design for the purpose of increasing the accessibility of the area’s design and increase awareness of the work.


Design professionals and students.



From traditional print and paper to furniture, the West Michigan area sports a history of producing some of the best design in the world. What is concerning is the lack of preservation for these bodies of work as is not uncommon for great works to be stored in boxes in a designer’s home basement. There is no better alternative for most designers and their work is easily damaged or simply thrown out.


A digital archive would give the work a place to live and be preserved, but also become a valuable resource for the design community and the general public.

Users can explore a wide range of work by scrolling down a gallery style wall of work.

When looking for something specific, work can be filtered by designer, client, category, or keywords.




A large portion of the final deliverable for this project was creating a document that a development team could use to expand the work we did and build out a complete front end experience. This document contained all of our user personas, research, sitemaps, wireframing, screen shots, site maintenance and more.

To see the complete planning document and instruction manual, click HERE.